For kayak rentals, sales, and tours in Crystal River, Florida  and the surrounding coastal waters, come see us
first. We have guided manatee kayak tours, kayak rentals on King's Bay in Crystal River, kayak sales, kayak
paddles, and paddling accessories. We have the best boats on the bay!  Access to Three Sisters Spring from
the closest public kayak launch.
Kayak Rentals Crystal River, Florida
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Crystal River, Florida        352-795-5650 or e-mail
Rental Rates

Single Kayak                                                               

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)                                                                      


Call for Multi Day Rentals

*Includes drop off and pick up in King's Bay/Crystal River only.  Call for other venues. Add 6% sales
Tipping is never anticipated, but always appreciated.
Rentals by Reservation
We Rent Kayaks for Kayakers and We have the Largest Choice of Models of Any Rental Operation on
Kings Bay. Availability may be limited

Here are just a few of the selections:
Recreational & Touring
Hurricane Kayaks: Santee 116, Santee 126, Journey 126, Journey 135, Expedition,  
Expedition Sport, Skimmer 116, Skimmer 126, Skimmer 140

Eddyline Kayaks: Equinox, Skylark, Sky 10, Sandpiper, Samba, Caribbean 12, Caribbean 14, Fathom, Samba, Rio

Closest Public Beach Launch to Three Sisters Spring
We Have the Best Boats and the
Largest Selection on the Bay!
Don't be fooled by deceptive advertising designed to lure you in.  A competitor's site advertises $10 and hour rates but when they get
you there, you find out that there is a minimum rental period of three hours.

As much advanced notice as possible is recommended if you want a specific kayak, day or launch time.

* While we provide free equipment transport to and from local parks and rental
accommodations, you may also elect to pick up and transport the gear your self provided
your vehicle is adequately equipped to safely transport the kayak or SUP.  We do not
provide tie downs. SUP soft racks w straps are available for purchase.

Due to recent events, we will no longer rent kayaks or SUPs for the purposes of swimming with manatees.  We
believe passive observation should be the rule and that means look but don't touch.  We will continue to rent to those
wishing to passively observe from your kayak or SUP

We do not rent wet suits or dive gear.

3 Sisters Spring Special Restrictions
No Disposable Containers
No Alcoholic Beverages
No Pets in Water
No Tying Off to Trees or Vegetation
No fishing, Gigging, or Spearing

Additionally from Nov15-March 31
No Exiting or Anchoring vessels, kayaks, SUPs. No SCUBA or DPVs
Aardvark's Florida Kayak
707 N Citrus Avenue
Crystal River, Fl 34429

SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

Watersedge Aardarks Custom EZ

All are 11' & 12' board capable of
carrying 200-250 pounds.

Got a rental house?  We deliver
and pickup free in Crystal River
Got a rental house or
condo?  We deliver and
pickup free in the Crystal
River area.