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Racks and Accessories
Malone Inflatable Rack
Malone Universal Rack
Malone Universal Squaer Bar Rack
Inno / Thule Square Bars
Malone Sea Wing
Yakima Show Boat Load Assist
Inno Kayak Rack
Malone Telos Load Assist
Compatible with Thule Systems
Bar lengths 46" 50"  54"  58"
Malone Versa Rail (Universal) 4 Dr
Malone Universal for Open Sided
Raised Rails
Kayak Stacker
Yakima Showboat Load Assist
  Tandem Spray Skirt                     Cockpit Cover
Seals/Watspo Rack Pads  Multiple
Lengths and Diameters
Spray Skirts, Cockpit Covers,
Splash Decks
Seals  Coastal Tour                     Sneak                     Splash Deck X                         Cockpit Cover                  Cockpit Drape
For Open Sided Raised Rails
INJK for Short Roofs (2 Dr)
Malone Handi Rack Inflatable Rack
IN-AD Tower
Soft Rack Travel Rack
Malone Telos Load Assist
Inno 450 Kayak Stacker
Malone Sea Wing Kayak Carrier
Kayak Accessories
All merchandise listed is new.  All Sales are Final.  Please add 6% sales tax to the listed price. We do not have anyway to ship, but
we will deliver to the locations of the VCKC trips that we support as outfitters or we an make arrangements to meet in the Inverness
Cheaper than Amazon
$42.00/ pr
$96.00 /set
of 4
$60.50 /set
of 4
$55.00 / set
$77.95 / set
$95.95 / set
$59.95 / set
$29.79 / set
$55.00 / set
$173.95 /
$68.95 / set
$102.00 /
$83.95 / set
$135.20 /
$13.50 to $20.75 pr. Call for
Spray Skirt  T300/T400           Cockpit Cover T200. T300. T400
Yakima Mako Saddles
$57.85 / pr
Bending Branches Impression All Wood Kayak Paddle    240cm  $120.00
Aquabound Freedom Fiberglass ABX Adj 70-80 in & 76-86 in     $84.00
Aquabound Challenge Carbon Fiber Shaft  ABX  Adj 70-80 in & 76-86 in  $114.00
Carlisle Canoe Paddles $11.95 ea