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Rainbow River Tour
The Rainbow Springs run is one of the largest spring runs in the world. It averages a discharge of over 400
million gallons of water per day.

Its waters have an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Our guided tour takes you upriver to the head springs and back.  No shuttle required.  It is an easy paddle
from most everyone and it is possible to mix SUPs and kayaks on this trip.  Wildlife is abundant with fish and
turtles highly visible. Learn about Florida Springs and their inhabitants while enjoying a lazy day on the river.

In the warmer months, swimming is possible at several springs.

Public Rainbow River  Tours (Participants must be at least 13 years old).    $  50 pp pt.*

Private Rainbow River Tours (No age limit).                                                            $100 pp pt.                                            

Kid's Rainbow River Tours ( for families with children 12 and under).             $ 65 pp pt.                                      
Rainbow Springs
Paddle the Rainbow River
Ransbow Springs run