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St. Martins Marsh Backcountry Tour
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St. Martins Marsh Back Country Tours
The 23,000 acre  St. Martins Marsh was designated as one of the original Aquatic Preserves in 1969
because of its pristine nature.  Thanks to the establishment of the Crystal River Preserve State Park on the
surrounding islands, it remains that way today and is the crown jewel of our backcountry.

Uncrowded and unspoiled, it is one of our best places to paddle.  The tour leaves from the Ozello area, deep
in the heart of the preserve. We explore islands, middens, creeks and sand bars in  loop route that can
cover anywhere from 3 to 5 miles during our 3 hours on the water.

We may encounter sea turtles, rays, dolphins, and manatees in the warmer months and white pelicans and
bald eagles during the winter migration.

The one thing you won't see is lots of other people.

Public Back Country Tours (Participants must be at least 13 years of age).  $50 pp pt.  

Private Back Country  Tours (No age limit).                                                  $100 pp pt.                                     

Kid'a Back Country Tours for families with children 12 and under         $  65 pp pt.                                     
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