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Use the above checklist to help you keep track of your kayak and SUP buying experience.  Record  specific info by
model, length, materials, and price, then compare kayaks side by side to find the one that's best for  you.
Michele Sullivan, Clermont, FL
Susan and Matt at Aardvarks were very helpful. They let me demo several different kinds and told me the pros
& cons of different models. They didn’t try to “sell” me anything but assisted me in my buying decision. Very
helpful to a novice like me. Glad to see that it is also made in the USA. It was important to me that this kayak
last me a very long time and was not one that I would immediately grow out of. I’d recommend them to all I
know. Definitely worth the drive.

Debbie S – Spring Hill, FL
The Fathom is such a beautiful boat.  You have a wonderful dealer with Matt Clemons at Aardvarks. He has
been so helpful and he really believes in the Eddyline boats. He is an honest dealer and never says anything
negative about any one else’s boats or equipment. He gives information but really lets the boats sell themselves.

Bob Wolfkill Ocala, FL
I did a lot of research before buying my Eddyline Journey.  Matt and Susan were great at Aardvark’s.  Keep up
the excellent work. I love your boats
How do Hurricane kayaks hold up compared to roto-molded?

As long as you stick to Class I and II waters (meaning flat-water, NOT whitewater) your Hurricane will be as durable as a
roto-molded kayak.

Our Trylon is just as abrasion resistant won't fade in sunlight, and (best of all) won't oil can on your car rack and warp like
polyethylene boats can. Our kayaks have been used by outfitters and in instructional schools with great success, so we
know they're tough.
We are the Nature Coast's leading professional paddle sport outfitter specializing in lightweight gear. We are a small specialty shop and
we know paddlesports.  We believe that if you want something done right, do it yourself.  
Crystal River, Florida
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