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Crystal River , Florida

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PRICES & POLICIES                                                 Tipping is never anticipated but always appreciated.

All Trips and Rentals are by reservation.  Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance and we
recommend reservations be made at least 1 week in advance if you are requesting a specific piece of
equipment, a specific day, trip or time.
You will be asked for the approximate weights of the paddlers in
order for us to assign appropriate kayaks. Failure to supply an accurate weight can result in a safety issue
and Aardvark's cannot be held  responsible under those circumstances.
A waiver form is required by our
insurance carrier. There is a separate form for minor children which must be signed by a parent or legal
guardian. You will be asked to fill it our before departure or you can download it here.


In order to keep our Trips and Rentals as high quality as possible, we have limited our fleet in size.  We have no
desire to become a resort rental fleet.  This allows us to emphasize quality over quantity and still provide our
services at competitive rates.  Most of our boats are single place kayaks.  There are a limited number of tandem
kayaks available, however, the guide is always in his/her own single boat. This is done for safety reasons.  The guide
needs to be free to assist in rescue situations. We have a limited number of high weight capacity kayaks. Maximum
Weight Limit for single kayaks is 250 lbs. We have one tandem kayak that can be converted to carry a single
paddler at 275 lbs. We have 4 Tandem kayaks are available for use on tours only. Maximum load is 275 lbs with one
capable of carrying 350 lbs.  Weight must be relatively equally distributed.

Public & Private Tours are available.  A public tour is one where you may be paired with other paddlers up to a
maximum of 10 paddlers.  A private tour is limited to those in your party only.   
There is a 2 person minimum
charge for any tour

Only private tours are available to parties with children age 12 and under.  We offer both an abbreviated family tour
with a length of up to 2 hours as well as our standard private tour that can last up to 4 hours at your discretion. Kid
Friendly Family Tours at $65 pp are available
only to those with children meeting the age criteria.

Children are welcome but expected to be well behaved and under control at all times.  The guide has the right to
terminate any tour based on behavior out of respect for others on the water. No refunds are available. There is no
age limit and children under 3 are free when riding in a double kayak with an adult parent or guardian.

Guided Trip Prices          $50-$185 pp plus tax  
( *Some launch sites have an additional $5 park fee for public tours)

King's Bay and King's Bay Manatee Kayaking
$50 per person public *
$65 per person Kid Friendly Family Tour
$100 per person private

$50 per person public *
$65 per person Kid Friendly Family Tour
$100 per person private

Rainbow River
$50 per person public *
$65 per person Kid Friendly Family Tour
$100 per person private

Ozello Back Country
$50 per person public *
$65 per person Kid Friendly Family Tour
$100 per person private

Personalized Eco-Tours, Longer Trips- Full day
$185 per person  2 person minimum charge.  Custom tours are designed for those with specific requests for tours,
duration, and times that are outside our normal hours and venues. Multi-day pricing is available ($150 pppt per day)

All our trips are loop or circle routes meaning, they are
not float trips downriver.  We are located in a coastal area
affected by the tides so while sometimes the water flows out, it also flows in. Currents are not strong so that means
you have to paddle to get where you're going.  The same thing applies to  rental trips.  Rentals are all on the Crystal
River and you have to paddle, you cannot just float down and shuttle back.

Due to recent events, we will no longer rent kayaks for the purposes of swimming
with manatees.  We believe passive observation should be the rule and
that means look but don't touch.  We will continue to rent to those wishing to
passively observe from your kayak.

We do not rent wet suits or dive gear.

3 Sisters Spring Special Restrictions (Federal Rules)
No Disposable Containers
No Alcoholic Beverages
No Pets in Water
No Tying Off to Trees or Vegetation
No fishing, Gigging, or Spearing

Additionally from Nov15-March 31

No kayaks/canoes/SUPs or other vessels are allowed in the spring run.

Kayak & SUP Rental Prices  Add 6% sales tax to prices listed
Single Kayaks/SUP    $50 all day until 4:30 pm

There is a $5 per vehicle/day parking fee at the City Park launch sites.  Renters  are
responsible for these fees.  The parking meters do not accept cash (credit card only).

Ask about Multiday Rentals.  Off site deliveries are available for an extra charge and by prior arrangement outside
Crystal River.  It may sometimes not be available due to scheduling conflicts and only applies to multi-day rentals.
Free delivery to rental homes on Crystal River. We are open Wednesday through Sunday.

We open at 8 am for tours and rentals.  Boats must be returned no later than 4:30 pm.

Late fees will be applied for equipment returned after this time.  

Damage fees will be assessed for damaged or lost equipment.

All rental prices include top quality kayaks/SUPs, light weight paddles, & life jackets.  Life jackets must be worn at
all times. Price subject to 6% Fla sale tax. There is a $5 per vehicle/day parking fee at the City Park launch sites.
Renters and participants on public tours are responsible for these fees.  The parking meters do not accept cash.

RESERVING TOURS & RENTALS: You may reserve by phone or in person .  Once we have
confirmed your dates, we require a credit card number along with card name and zip code and CVV to
reserve your tour or rental boat.   Group rates are available for 6 or more, but each individual, couple, or
family group must make their own reservation and provide a number to which their charge will be posted.  
See cancellation and refund policy below. Reservations are taken during regular shop hours.  Wed-Sat 9 am
to 5 pm.  Sunday 1pm to 5 pm. EST.  You may now also reserve online.  
Online Rentals &  Online Tours

All Trips and Rentals are by Reservation. We cannot accept walk ins without reservation.  
Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and we recommend reservations be made 1 week
or preferably more in advance to insure we have what you want available on a given day.

If you cancel for any reason up to 8 days in advance there is no charge. If you cancel with less than 8 days
notice or are a no show,  you will be charged the full amount owed. Credit card payments are processed ~7
days prior to your tour or rental date.   If a card come back as invalid, we will make an attempt to contact
the customer via phone,  If we are unable to resolve the problem within 24 hours, we will  open those slots
back up and void your reservation. By making a reservation and providing your card number, you
agree/acknowledge this policy and authorize Aardvark's Florida Kayak Company to charge the amount
owed as stated above.  If Aardvarks is forced to cancel for any reason, you will be refunded the full amount.

In the event that Aardvark's is forced to cancel a trip or rental, you have the option of rescheduling,
otherwise you will not be charged. For
rentals, inclement weather is defined as rain or easterly winds in
excess of 20 mph or westerlies in excess of 15 mph. Cold weather does not constitute inclement weather for
the purpose of the cancellation policy. Aardvark's may offer an alternative venue for tours in lieu of

No Alcohol is permitted during guided trips and alcohol is prohibited aboard rental kayaks
and or SUPs. Aardvarks reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears under
the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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No Smoking or Alcohol on Tours or Rentals
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