Paddling Tip: Paddling Posture (Adapted From Jackson Kayak)

Your posture will have a massive effect on your performance (and your comfort) in your kayak so its important to get it right.

Whether you are in a sit on top fishing kayak (with your legs just slightly bent), a touring kayak (with your legs slightly bent and
knees out to the side) good paddling posture will always be the same.

Ideally you want to be sitting nice and tall in a straight yet relaxed position.

How to find a good Paddling Posture

Think of sitting in or on your kayak as if you were sitting on a park bench (not a lounge chair) with no back.  Slouch a little, but
keep your shoulders directly over to slightly in front of your hips.

Now you are in a great neutral paddling posture.

The effect of Flexibility and Strength on your paddling posture.

Sometimes when you are first starting kayaking you mind find this seating position uncomfortable as it may be outside of your
natural flexibility range. You can use the exercise in the fitness session to hep develop your flexibility and core strength. This will
help you quickly improve your paddling posture and all round strength and making sitting in a good paddling position easier and
more natural.

The effect of your connection in your boat on paddling posture.

To maintain this good paddling posture it helps to have a good connection with the boat. Every connection point we have with the
boat has an effect on how we perform.

Think about every connection point you have in your kayak. The points at which your body meets the boat. You should have
connections at back, your seat, and your feet.  The foot brace placement is critical.  Too far away and you immediately go into a
shoulders back posture.  As you attempt to rotate your torso, you spine cannot move freely without jamming in the hip socket.  
Most back complaints can be cured by using proper posture.

March/April 2017 1st Edition
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Finally a few new shop items for sale.  We now have both the Cloud10 SOT seat (169.95pt)  and the Cloud10
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Been a hectic season so far.  Sorry for the late Newsletter update but here it is.  We have changed our rental
policies for the summer and for the near future due to overcrowding at the launch sites and the tendency for late
arrivals by renters. We will now only launch at 8:00 am or 9:00 am and will continue to retrieve all day.  We have
also increase rental rates for tandem kayaks 100.00 pt for all day.  Single kayaks and SUPs will remain at 50.00
pt.  If this seems steep, please remember we are not strictly a rental operation.  We rent what we sell and our
kayaks run (at retail) from $1000 to over $2800.

Hunters Springs Park has reopened and has a much improved kayak launch at least, if not a better attitude by city
staff.  With the new launch comes more people.  Please don't be that paddler dunce who thinks he's the only
paddler at the launch.  Respect others and launch and load your gear expeditiously.  Please don't block the ramp
or loading zone for inordinate periods of time.

Matt is now an ACA certified L1 Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor as well as an ACA assessed Coastal Kayak
Guide.  If you'd like to arrange a class or a guided tour (or both) , give us a call at 352-795-5650 during regular
shop hours.
OUR PADDLING ENVIRONMENT: Earthday is coming up on April 22nd, 2017.  It is particularly poignant this year in
light of current anti-science bent that is all the rage of late and of local importance, the recently announced
down-listing of manatees.  This is the 47th Anniversary of Earthday.

Despite uninformed denials, the climate is changing and we are helping speed the process.  It is happening and it is
not debatable. I grew up in Ohio as the
Cuyahoga River burned and Lake Erie was dying.  Those areas did not
miraculously resurrect themselves due to good intentions of industry.  They did not wake up one morning and think,
ya' know maybe we should stop dumping these hazardous wastes because it's the right thing to do.  They stopped
because we made them stop and the evil, job killing, Clean Water Act was passed. (NEW FLASH:  Letting the coal
mines go back to dumping in streams ain't bring coal back.)  NEPA passed in 1970 and the first Earthday was held.
Now almost 50 years later we are poised to go back to the bad old days with false promises of prosperity and jobs
made by a demagogue. Please support the
 Earthday March for Science.

On a local basis, this demagoguery is a bit ironic.  We have a number of groups who want to "Save" this or "Save"
that.  Don't hold your breath. Most of the money that funds legitimate restoration efforts is pass through money
originating at the federal level. Despite that, I appreciate and support most of them and wish them well.

I say most because there are those who would mislead.   When someone uses "Save" in the name of their cause
and then works to downlist manatees, I am reminded of a sleazy used car salesman telling you, "I've got such a deal
for you."

Please tell me, how you can say (with a straight face) we want to save Crystal River and its manatees and then bring
in people
like the Pacific Legal Foundation to do your dirty work for free.  Shame on you.  I can only hope the bay in
front of your million dollar house turns puke green. Their leader has been quoted as follows:.." he and some other
residents worry that if manatees remain on the endangered species list, the Fish and Wildlife Service will impose
additional restrictions on how they're able to use the river. "For 30 years, I've watched them take one bite at a time
out of our community, whether that's rules, regulations, whatever it is," he says. "We decided enough was enough."
Screw the manatee.

If you want to make a counter point, avoid any company with Crystal in the name and make sure to tell them why.

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